Bowls Competitions

The Club has a number of internal competitions and whatever their ability level all members are encouraged to enter.

Scratch Competitions

Championship (Men’s and Ladies) Knock-out singles (21 shots)
Junior Championship (Men’s and Ladies)Knock-out singles open to all members except those who won the Championship or Junior Championship at Buckhurst Hill or any other club (21 shots)
Two Wood Singles (Men’s and Ladies) Knock out singles open to all members (21 ends)
Fixed Jack (Men’s and Ladies)Knock out singles with short, medium and long jacks in rotations. The four bowls nearest the jack count, scoring 4, 3, 2 and 1 points. The winner is the first to reach 101.
President’s Cup (Mixed) Knock-out mixed singles open to all members. Played as the best of 3 ends.

Handicap Competitions

The club’s unique handicap system ensures that all members who enter the Handicap competitions have an equal chance of success, meaning that it is not just the strongest players who will be winning trophies

Handicap Singles (Men’s and Ladies) Knock-out singles (21 shots)
Handicap Pairs (Men’s and Ladies) Knock-out pairs competition. Pairs are drawn from those who enter. (18 ends)
Knock-out mixed pairs . Pairs are drawn from those who enter (18 ends)
Veterans HandicapKnock out mixed singles competition for members aged 75 and over (12 ends using half the of the handcap allowance)

Team Events

House CupMixed triples (occasionally fours). Teams are drawn from those who enter.
Carroll CupMixed fours (2 men and 2 women). The finalists represent the club in the Club Open Tournament if held.
Charity TriplesCompetition to raise money for local charities. The winner represent the club in competing again 3 local clubs for the Charity Cup.
Two Wood pairs leagueScratch league pairs competition open to all members who make up their own teams. Held on Friday evenings through July and August.
Ten for jackAll day mixed triples competition with an usual scoring method! Teams drawn in advance from those who enter.