Tennis Visitors

We welcome visitors to the club provided they are booked in by a member, they abide by the club rules and they wear the appropriate footwear on court – no heels or sandals please.

All tennis visitors need to be booked and paid for in advance as we need to know who is using our courts. For example, as a result of Covid-19 we may need to trace people and so will need their contact details.

To book a visitor tennis members book courts in the usual way but must also make a visitor booking by emailing and supplying the the visitor’s name and telephone number plus the court time and court number. A “V” will then be added to the booking on the Clubspark booking system next to the member’s name to signify a visitor is on court. All personal details are covered by our Data Protection Policy which can be found on our Rules and Policies page

Visitor fees are £5 per visit and must be paid in advance through online banking. Members can pre-buy up to 6 visits but the same visitor is only allowed a maximum of 3 visits in any one year. Please ensure your payment includes a reference to visitor fees and the date of the booking.